Sep 6, 2004

That famous English sunshine

Hey all,

Well I'm a lot happier after finding out my last post actually DID get published - the connection in the Dublin net cafe was so bad I thought I'd lost the whole thing. So yippee.

We enjoyed some great food and music at ''The Brazen Head'', Ireland's oldest pub, on Friday night. It was reportedly first founded in 1198, and the present building dates back to the reign of Charles II in the late 1600s. It has been renovated since though!

We had to have an early night because of plane-catching the next day. We were at Dublin airport, which inside looks like a mall! I've never seen so many shops. Spent the last of my euros on tacky souvenirs! No point really in swapping 20 euros for pounds - you'd only get about 8.

We landed in Heathrow safely, then had to wait for a shuttle bus to pick us up and take us to the car rental place. It actually turned out to be a good thing, because we didn't have to negotiate our way out of the busiest airport in the world!

Greg was a bit worried about driving, but took to the manual gearstick like Donatella Versace takes to cocaine. (ie, very easily!). We filled up - £24 - OUCH! That's about $60 Australian. We really have nothing to complain about, even if we're paying a dollar a litre! We found our way to Reading, and the suburb of Woodley where Jax lives with her boyfriend Ben and his brother Ollie. They're lovely, and are happy to have us camp out on their floor for a few days!

Girls, Jax was really happy to get our scrapbook. Phew! She's sent you all a video message, which I'll play for you when I get back!

Ben and Ollie had to go to dinner with their parents, so Greg, Jax and I went across the road to an Indian/Thai restaurant. My mum and dad have been after me to eat Indian for ages, so they'll be nodding and saying ''I told you so'' when I say it was very nice! The chicken korma especially.

Now it's Sunday morning, and hot and sunny. It's 28 degrees here today. Once again, Greg is crowing about his ''Sun God'' powers. He reckons he brings the sun with him. And yet, Greg hates the sun. Hmmmm. ;) Today, I need to get to Tesco's and buy some better cleanser or something. My face has just been Spot City since I've been here. It could be a lot of the crap in the air, who knows. I'm certainly not blaming the Cheesy Wot-sits (yummy cheese snacks!)

Meanwhile, I hear the Lions are stampeding towards a fourth premiership - go you good things!!!! Keep me posted people!

Love Nats.


  1. Oh...thats lucky. I thought I had forgotten my username but given that I work in IT, I am really, really good at cracking usernames (passwords, not so good).
    Well, good to see you are still having a fun time. Only 3 weeks now and I am jetsetting.
    I know everyone can read my posts. I am not saying anything secret!!
    This weekend, Mark and I bought a camera for o/s. Admittedly it is a good one but jeepers it was exe. The memory stick was what got us. We decided we needed 1G worth of memory for our trip as we are going to alot of off-beaten places. That cost $400 alone. We will never have to buy memory again!!
    Spent the rest of the weekend relaxing pretty much. Trying very hard to get over my sickness. It appears to be gone but I will need to take it easy to make sure I don't end up sick again before my trip.
    Glad Jaxsta liked the scrap book. I have started a practice one before Italy so I can do a kickass one when I get back.
    Anyway, back to work....
    Have fun

  2. Hey dude...wassup..

    mum keeps making me post...ha ha

    anyway i dont have much news. mum and dad have been driving ur car and its almost got 1000kms on i think i might wash it and get it serviced for u..

    also that nova radio station 106.9 has started and it pumps pretty decent music hey. It my new favourite.

    Otherwise all is ok. back is still sore..



  3. Oh no!

    Nova's started in Brisbane!! Do you mean they're on for real or are they still doing test transmissions - ie, do you hear Djs talking?

    Love Nats.

  4. Dj - dont talk u idiot..they PLAY MUSIC!!! duhhhh..

    nah at the moment there just playing mad tunes..ive heard NO TALKING..which is fucking awsome :)

    but there advertising for people to sponser them so i guess there is gonna be adds :( ahh well music is better than ur two shitty a dj and get a job