Dec 13, 2004

Adventures with Hair Dyes

Hi all.

I've been up for many hours now. I worked a back-up breakfast shift this morning at 4BC. It was the first day at our new building at Cannon Hill. It is super sexy. It's like the deck of the Enterprise or something. It's huge, with big corridors, and these blue and red fluro lights on the walls. Surreal. But the newsroom took my breath away. I walked in - a four person work station, with flat screen monitors and new telephone, mini-disc and network recording hardware...and six, count 'em, SIX flat screen TVs on the wall with different channels. Plus two reading booths and the News Director's office. It's purpose built and damn sexy.

I really enjoyed the shift, but am tired now. I did a spot of Christmas shopping with Mum, and when we got home there was a street party set up in our driveway! The locals do this every year. I was tired, but I was worried they'd think we were rude, so Mum and I went out and had a chat. Amazing the people you meet. One woman works on 'Stateline' at the ABC, and one man has a daughter who works in marketing at Channel Ten. He also told me that Lane Calcutt, the Channel Nine political journo, just lives around the corner from us. It's like a haven of media people.

But yes, my hair dye. I've been trying to turn my frustrating mop brown, something different for "Miss Bosnia". I've now spent about $30 on three hair dyes, and the result is pretty much the same as my old hair colour. All the brown washed out pretty quickly. Seriously, not one person has said "Wow, your hair's different!" Because, really, it isn't. I'm going to give it a rest, then go to a salon.

I guess the other thing is I am now online with sexy broadband. That plus firewalls etc has put a bit of a dent in the budget, but oh well. Actually I buggered things up by telling Greg we should only have a small Christmas, so we have money for our short Vanuatu trip in January. Bad move! Apparently he was going to buy me the complete Sex and the City for Christmas, but cancelled it. D'oh! ;)

Cheers all, Natalie.

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