Dec 4, 2004

Sexy new computer

All praise me....I have bought my first computer!

This is the great thing about having geeks in your life - they're able to assemble you a kick ass machine. I think mine's pretty kick ass. Mind you, I really have no ideas about the inner workings of computers so it could be an old fridge box painted black with a buzzy sound eminating from it and I'd probably still be impressed.

Still, it means I've been able to get a start on doing up those home movies. There are several short term projects on the go - footage of Jackie to play to the girls (she's in London and we miss her!), footage of the girls to send to Jackie (so she doesn't forget our harping banshee like voices!) and the tribute video for my Gran's 80th in January.

Progress is being made, but the editing program I'm using has some quirks I'm still trying to get my head around.

Apart from that, I've been working away at the radio station which has been super cool and fun. We're moving to a new building next week so that should be interesting.

Hey the American Music Awards are on Channel 10. Gwen Stafani is grooving in a bunny suit and massive shoes. She really needs to eat a sandwich. I do like her though - she's one of those people who just seems to have a totally funky life. I've heard good things about her in "The Aviator", where she plays Jean Harlow. Now that was a good looking woman. That'll be a good film I think.

Anyway, I'm crapping on. See you all later, Nats.


  1. new shiney comp sounds neat. you'll have to show it off to me sometime this week. and editing and compression software for comparison.

    the fiend
    do you have to carry dat tapes to the new building?

  2. Yay! Someone is reading! Yay, fiendy goodness.

    You should come round, that would be cool. You could probably show me how to use the software!

    Let me know! Nats

  3. just because we don't comment doesn't mean we don't read...

  4. Who IS that?

    Reveal yourself, oh Person of Mystery!