Dec 23, 2004


Hmmm. Apparently my bedroom window got egged last night.

The timing appears to be a bit spooky. My mother puts it just before 1am, which is when I was out dropping The Wah back home (We had been working on Christmas video madness).

We live in a fairly "posh" suburb, so my theory is it's a gang of bored young 'uns out to stick it to the rich bastards. However, when we lived at Albany Creek, some of my brother's school "enemies" egged our house every week for a month or so. So consequently my mother is a bit lip-bitingly nervous about possible egg attacks.

And if the egg was actually aimed at me.......hmmmm. Well, then I'd have to catalogue my enemies list and work out some likely suspects. The truth is, I know there's a fair few people who don't like me, but I really can't see anyone going to such an effort to make such a piss weak statement that isn't really clear in the first place. Quite frankly, I credit my enemies with more intelligence than that. They're a higher class of bastards. ;)


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