Feb 26, 2005

I still love She Spies

Ha. Ha Ha!!! Roll around holding gut in laughter.

In the episode on right now, they're investigating a cryogenic facility. One of the girl's ex-boyfriends is going to freeze himself to join his girlfriend in the future. She's a bit testy about it, and the other two are disappointed they can't crack cryogenic-related puns.

"Putting their relationship on ice".

"Giving him the cold shoulder".

"Freezing their assets".

"Hitting the pause button - freeze-framing his life".

"Choosing to become Mom and Popsicles"

God damn that's bloody good. I love it so much. Even the fiend (who I think is the only person who reads this) has got to admire that kind of punning genius. Respect the pun.

I got a good one into a story about Sean Connery being sued yesterday:

"Sean Connery has been shaken...but not stirred....by allegations he's a bully".

Before you mock me, check out today's Courier-Mail - they used the same line for their headline!

See ya, Nats.

P.S. Charles Shaughnessy has just popped up as a guest star! Mr Sheffield from the Nanny! Good to see he's getting the odd job.

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  1. yup. end of season one. full of punny goodness and the like.

    dd is so my favourite. she was princess in "that's my bush" and i actually caughter momentarily as lady godiva in an episode of charmed. synchronicities abound.

    wait for the suprise that's coming up in season two....

    the fiend
    and they said they don't take american express.....