Jul 12, 2006

Doctor Who: fans beware!

Look, I really am not trying to make fun of this guy, who was featured in a program about morbidly obese on Channel Nine this evening. It's supremely sad to see people like this - and I have deliberately posted a photo where this 395-kilogram gentleman is mostly covered by a sheet (taken with my new camera again. I'll get sued for this!).

But my point is, Doctor Who fans beware. Make sure you get out every once in a while, and have some vegetables for smeg's sake.

This goes for me too, by the way, as I'm not too proud to admit to shameful junk food excesses in my time - mainly relating to the over-consumption of cheesy popcorn. I am a Doctor Who fan as well. Here's a much nicer Doctor-related picture I found on Wikipedia:

See, that's much nicer. I love the gawky shot of David Tennant too. He's so gosh-darned cute I just want to give him a big hug and tussle his hair. Tussle other things too....ahem. Does that make me strange? Mind you, I've always though Paul McGann was a bit dishy too, in a cerebral sort of way. However I have to stand by my statement that the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, is my favourite - basely purely on the superficial reason that while attending the "Inside the Tardis" fan event last year, he remarked with some surprise on the fact that "a pretty girl is here!". Tee-hee. Blush. The Doctor called me pretty. Hee hee. Take that fanboys!

Hmm, what else? Oh yeah! Today my apartment FINALY settled. I am now officially a home-owner, and landlady to boot! My mortgage package by the way is called "Break Free", which I think is just a tad more than ironic. "Break Free! Into flipping great wodges of debt! Huzzah!"

Until next time, Gadget! Natalie.