Jul 19, 2006

Meet Yasmin

This is Yasmin.

Apparently, she's getting married.

From what I can gather from Channel Ten's website, Yasmin's Getting Married is some sort of delightful 21st century cross between Big Brother and Perfect Match. It seems Yasmin has 9 weeks to find a groom - with a studio panel on hand to dissect her dating dilemmas, and ruminate on the trials and tribulations of tying the knot.

Now I can't think of anything I'd rather NOT watch. Just forget for an instant the insanely HORRID messages this sends to young girls ("True love CAN be found through reality TV!"), I just can't see how anyone could stand watching this. It's surely going to be like the fingernails screeching down the proverbial blackboard.

So I've come up with a list of a few shows I'd RATHER watch than Yasmin's Getting Married:

Yasmin's Getting Herpes
Yasmin sleeps with a ship full of sailors, and a studio panel has to help her work out which one of the sleazebags gave her a sexually transmitted infection.

Yasmin's Getting Down
Watch Yasmin mix it with the hip-hop heavies of Los Angeles, before getting involved in a ruthless turf war with the gangs of the East-si-iiide. Damn, bitch.

Yasmin's Getting Sweet F*** All
The new reality sensation that sees wannabe stars tricked into embarrassing themselves on national television, ending up with nothing to show from their 15 minutes of fame except a complete lack of dignity.



  1. I found it funny how they said it was Rene. I wonder if Rene found her true love and pulled out of the show so they had to use Yasmin instead.

    I guess we will never know.

  2. at least she sill has some level of choice, not like they're forcing her to marry a millionaire....

    also, how bad is the wedge? has it startedf since i left?

    and what's greg doing sabout his apartment for five months?

    the fiend
    things i reasilse now....

  3. Or there's always "Yasmin's Getting The Hell Off Reality TV."

    A real possibility, if ratings suck.

  4. Hey guys!

    Huggies: I didn't hear anything about anyone called "Rene" on the show. Obviously she wised up quick smart.

    CM: The tragedy is this follows Big Brother in the 7pm daily slot. Which means teenage girls will watch it. Which means, sadly, that it probably WILL rate. Goddammit.

    fiend: Wassup, be-atch? I'm so sorry we're going to be missing you. Still, once we come back in January, we'll move into the rocking new unit so PARTY ON is all I can say. The Wah is giving up his flat - there's just no way he can pay $170 a week rent when he's on unpaid leave. He's going to move in with me - I know, it's a bit soon, but we'll see how we go. ;)

    Also, I haven't caught much of The Wedge. It seems to have a few cute recurring characters, but I don't think it rocks anyone's kasbah in any particularly meaningful way!

    Cheers all, Nat.

  5. They have been advertising the show for awhile and at first it was called Rene's Getting Married and then they changed it after about two weeks crossing out Rene and replaced it with Yasmin.

  6. re-inforcement of stereotypes and formula lifestyle choices.

    don't ya love that 'i need to be married to be validated as a woman so look at me' mentality



  7. I love Yasmin's getting Herpes. While we're at it, why not Yasmin's getting Rabies, Yasmin's getting the Ebola virus, and Yasmin's getting Royally Screwed in the *&^% by Ten??

    Sometimes I miss TV. At times like this though I'm glad I'm living in China.

    PS. Didn't I read somewhere about Yasmin being the Muslim version of Barbie Doll?

  8. No i'm wrong, Fulla is the Muslim Barbie, and Yasmin is the pseudo-oriental Bratz Doll.

    Silly me.

  9. Well, whether it rates or not, I'm sure we'll be destined for the follow-up series next year:

    "Yasmine's Getting Divorced."