Mar 28, 2007

A Phone of Your Own

Forget palm reading - people can now tell a lot about you just by your brand of mobile phone. AC Nielsen has published research outlining which kind of people are likely to buy what kind of phone:

NOKIA: family-minded; middle-aged managers; balance seekers; health conscious

MOTOROLA: under 24; fashion conscious; fun seekers; individualistic

SONY ERICSSON: ambitious young men; professionals; success-driven; individualistic

LG: favourite of mums; stay-at-home parents; success-driver; harmony seekers

SAMSUNG: young women; career-focused; success-driven; fun seekers

I'd have to say this information is amusingly accurate in some ways. I own a Motorola, even though I was over 24 when I bought it. I will admit though I bought it for the sole reason that it's one of those hot pink RAZRs. One year on though, I've been looking at getting a Samsung D900 - which apparently makes me a fun, career-and-success driven young woman. Hopefully I'm all these things - and it would explain why I've never found any of the LG phones appealing!

What then, dear readers, does your mobile phone say about you? Why did you buy it in the first place, and do you possess any of the qualities the AC Nielsen research suggests applies to users of your brand?


  1. Ok

    We both own Nokias, and we are health-conscious and family people, but not middle aged (32 and 29 respectively).

    I'm just wondering what AC Neilsen would say if you owned a cheap phone from Crazy Clarks!

  2. I have a motorola. It cost $39 and came with $30 of call credit... that just makes me budget conscious!

    It was certianly well before the funky motorolas all around now, but hey... I get to be statistically grouped with the 24 years olds who are fashion conscious HUZZAH!

    I work with statistics and see how they can be pretty much twisted to say what ever the hell your client has paid you to say...

    As for LG, the "Chocolate" phones have been catching my eye. Realistically though, my next phone will be the best phone I can find for under $100 when this one stops working the way I want it to.

    My phone/car are tools, not definitions of who I am. :)

  3. i kept my nokia when i left my last company and never gave it back!! wonder what that says about me??...