Aug 13, 2007

We All Fall Down

I had been hoping for a flu-free ride this winter.

Considering Queensland's current flu "epidemic" (two dead and over 250 hospitalised); my susceptability to respiratory illnesses (thanks to a body-slamming bout of mycoplasma pnemonia when I was 19); and my work hours (which don't help healthy eating and sleeping patterns) - I have been getting along brilliantly.

However this evening I have started feeling the dreaded tickle in the back of my throat, which foreshadows the painful sore throat that precedes the stuffed up sinuses, that leads to the sneezy-wheezy-coughy-snotty phase that makes me just so attractive and fun to be around. My lurgies always go the same way.

Unfortunately if I get a lurgy I won't be able to have the luxury of a day off - the newsroom is short-staffed and I will simply have to work through it. The news must go on, as they paraphrase. So if anybody has some good tips for avoiding a cold or reducing its severity, let me know now. Until then, I'll be sneaking into aged care facilities trying to steal their stock of Tamiflu. Exceuse me while I fetch the balaclava...


  1. my boss swears by the "Ease-a-Flu" tablets you can get at the supermarket... I hope it helps!

  2. I know that it is a bit late, but for future reference there is a combination of compounds that is supported by research that works to a degree.

    While Vitamin C, Zinc or echinacea do not work particularly well on hteir own, the combination works.

    It appears to work best as a PREVENTATIVE or in EARLY STAGES of cold or flu.

    In a review of studies encompassing over 3900 pts, Echinacea was shown to decrease the frequency, severity and overall symptoms of the common cold.

    I keep some lozenges in hte cupboard, and witht he first tickle or symptom, I such thos babies down big time...