Jan 8, 2008

The Second Coming

So, is everyone excited about the impending arrival of Jesus, Mark II?

I mean, going by the news frenzy and furore surrounding Nicole Kidman's just-announced pregnancy, I assume she must be carrying the Son of God.

Sure left my athiest-leaning face red, I can tell you. I repent, Baby Kurban!


  1. I feel bad for the "Kurbans" as you call them. If Nicole has a history of miscarriage, the public desperation for the story must be very scary. Miscarriage is a hard enough event to deal with in one's life without having the world watch it happen.

    I hope their pregnancy goes well.

  2. Nicole Kidman who lives at 42 Struggle St in Anytown is pregnant. Does anyone care? Hell no! Does it make front page news? Of course not!

    The "other" Nicole Kidman is probably working as normal as I type this but she is struggling with morning sickness, hormones and other stuff PLUS work. She will probably have to work well until her pregnancy.

    What about actress Nicole? She's probably got a nanny and a maternity rapid response helicopter team on standby.

  3. I'm guessing that if the "other Nicole Kidman" had a history of multiple miscarriages, that she would also take time off during her pregnancy. Other people also have the luxury of choosing who she told when and how.

    If the other Nicole Kidman miscarried it would not make front page news, and she would not be expected to share her loss with the world.

    I can't believe that this is all the doing of the Kurbans.

    This is the media manipulation at its best. Once again some dickhead editor makes the self fulfilling prophecy that this will be big news, by making it big news. If it was reported as an "in passing" story, it would be more likely be an in passing story, as it should be.

  4. Actress Nicole can afford to stop work today and still be very very comfortable.

    Struggle Street Nicole probably would like to be able to do the same thing but unless she is too ill to work, she will probably be there as long as possible because her and Struggle Street Keith need the extra coin that Nicole is bringing in.

    I often see women at work who would probably like to be at home in the later months of pregnancy but simply can't afford to not work.

    I don't wish actress Nicole any dramas but I am dreading the media coverage in the next 9 months!