Jan 9, 2008

The Movie Sidekick

Spoiler alert! Contains plot details of I Am Legend, in case you're planning on seeing it!

Caught the new Will Smith vampire zombie movie I Am Legend today. And I mean vampire zombies. They're flesh-eating monsters repelled by daylight. That straddles both terrifying categories.

The central relationship is between Will Smith and his sole companion, an Alsatian named Sam. It's just lovely, which makes Sam's inevitable death tragic, if not surprising.

It got me thinking about movie sidekicks, and the catalyst role they play for a hero, often through their death. Sometimes it's pretty darn obvious the sidekick is going to die, but the manner of death and their heroic stance in the face of oblivion still brings a tear to the eye.

So I'd like to know, who are some memorable movie sidekicks? Particularly ones you knew were gonna buy it, but you still bit your lip when it happened.

Comment liberally - I'm thinking of turning this into an article.


  1. Hmmmm...I'm trying to think of those I knew were gonna get it. I remember being very distressed when Tom Cruise's best buddy (what was his name again? He was played by Anthony Edwards) copped it in Top Gun. I think I would have rather Tom Cruise die than him. And I guess Brian Brown died a pretty bloody death in Cocktail too. What IS IT WITH YOU TOM!?

    Hmmmm, you've got me thinking now. I'll be back. *swishing cape*

  2. Yes - "Goose" in Top Gun! Ash Moore also mentioned him. It's a great one. That whole thing was parodied brilliantly in Hot Shots! Remember the "Dead Meat" character, the ever-chipper pilot who died because of Charlie Sheen's stupidity?

    I saw Cocktail when I was very young and didn't really understand it. I guess I'd have to watch it again to see if I could foresee Brian Brown's demise...