Aug 14, 2008

Golden Girls

Now I don't want to take anything away from Queensland's own dual Olympic gold medal winner Stephanie Rice. The girl's quite the astonishing athlete, and deserves every success after her stellar turn in the pool in Beijing.

But jeez, you can imagine the good folk down at Uncle Toby's, or Kellogg's, or Pura Milk (or whatever company waiting in the wings to snag swimmers to slather over its museli bars or choco-milk drinks) are thanking their lucky stars that she's pretty as well.

All of our female cardboard cut-outs plucked from the pool have been lookers - think fresh-faced Susie O'Neill, or dark beauty Gian Rooney. Of the current crop, Libby Trickett and Liesel Jones will have some luck as well - probably because they're blonde with nice smiles.

All I'm saying is, despite her own extraordinary talent, we don't see a lot of Jessica Schipper on our cereal boxes, do we?

Perhaps I'm just too cynical...


  1. And Jessica is probably the most interesting one of the lot of 'em.

  2. Surely you are not iplying that our "Golden Girls" are only getting obscene amounts of money because of their looks ????
    All the Gods forfend !!!
    And Stephanies hunk only has a silver so his value has dropped, I daresay.
    I suppose that we will be seeing he and Steph getting together again, if he has any business sense
    Come to think of it,I have never seen Trevor Gillmeister in an add, as yetRegards

  3. welcome Home Nat. Lorraine

  4. Hey Nat!

    Firstly, welcome home! Can't wait to hear about the trip.

    Secondly, it is hard to be an Olympian if you aren't fit (using both the English and Australian meanings of the word).

    I've been avoiding the Olympic coverage but am watching Sunrise at work now. I saw vision of the swimmers' after party and I think it might have been the dress but Ms Rice wasnt as hot (to me) as she has been portrayed in the media. And I'm not buying the break up with Some Guy, either.

    But now for hotness - Kate Hollywood. Yum.

  5. Hey Erk...

    I've been talking about the trip for the past six weeks! You'll have to scroll back through the blog. ;)

  6. Stephanie Rice won two individual golds, Jess Schipper won two bronzes. I understand the point you're trying to make, but I think you chose a bad example.

    Also, I think Libby Trickett disproves your rule, because she won gold and is a high profile swimmer with a big future in the media, and yet she looks like she could swallow me whole. I have nightmares about her teeth. Great White Sharks have nightmares about her teeth.

  7. Nat, I have indeed looked back at your awesome trip. ;)

    As for the Aussie team, the women seem to be totally on top of the blokes!

    While I was at a Trivia Night the other night, I was watching the women's softball match between Australia and Japan and we were represented by some uber hot women which is not easy to do in the loose shirts and green shorts that the girls were wearing. It's easier to look hot in (say) swimming or beach volleyball.

    Having said that, the old days of the Speedo one piece was better on the eye than the suits they were now.