Oct 7, 2008

Wouldn't it be frickin' loverly

Richard E. Grant is playing Professor Henry Higgins in the Sydney run of "My Fair Lady" - starting this week!


I just saw this production in Brisbane last month, with Reg Livermore as the grumpy phonetics expert. He did a serviceable job, but he's not frickin' Richard E. frickin' Grant!

Now I don't mean to sound snobbish here, but I've seen David Tennant play Hamlet. I've seen Patrick Stewart play Claudius. I've seen Tim Curry play King Arthur in Spamalot.

I've got a frickin' reputation to uphold.

Somebody book me some flights to Sydney, stat.

To make matters worse, there are rumours that a new film version of "My Fair Lady" is reportedly in the works starring Daniel Day-Lewis and - dear-God-please-don't-let-it-be-so - Keira frickin' Knightley as Eliza Doolitte.

Why? Why? What is so wrong with the 1964 classic starring Rex Harrison and Audrey Hepburn?
She's already played Elizabeth Bennett in "Pride and Prejudice". Do we have to remake every frickin' period film in existence just to give Keira Knightley more time in a corset? I mean, surely that's not the only way she could fake a cleavage. Chicken fillets for a start. Tissues at a pinch.

Can you imagine, Keira Knightley, with a dob of dirt on her perfect little nose, pushing that overstuffed pout out as far as the Puff-U-Like collagen can stretch, gazing up at Daniel Day-Lewis with his crazy eyes, fluttering her inch-long eyelashes and saying "I'm a good girl, I am". Gah!

I despair, I really do.


  1. It proves the point that modern, talented lyricists don't exist.
    The entire entertainment??? world seems to be going back to the fifties & sixties to find something worthwhile
    Ah well
    Based on past information can we expect Daniel Day Lewis to walk around for six months, with a kerosene lantern at his mouth, expounding "In Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire. Hurricanes Hardly Happen" etc.
    As for Ms Knightly she wouldn't know a round vowel from a hole in the ground.
    But, no doubt, she will receive an obscene amount of money and a years supply of corsets and the entire production will be forgotten in weeks

  2. cmon good people

    she's beautifull..talented and very well liked

    go girl

    go ms knightly

    gooo u good thing


  3. Sigh... Richard E Grant... Sigh... the sexiest Henry Higgins ever. I want to go to Sydney too.

    Ask The Wah how I feel about Keira Knightley. He knows. Otherwise I might get "started".

  4. Go On dumpling... don't be shy.

    Step on to the soapbox and tell the nice people about Ms Knightly.

    *runs behind a boulder for cover*

  5. I somehow misread "Henry Higgens" as "Harry Potter".

    It was a confusing post until the second time through.

  6. and talking about talent..


    2 c the lead character from beaconsfield in a flat minor the one with his eyes close 2gether being interviewed on chanel 9 last nite..

    if this is all australia seems to come up with and being sudsidised at that..obviously ex employees from the gay bi c

    give me keira anytime

  7. Oh !!! Come on Crazy Horse.

    Somebody comes up with a very punny title for a musical and suddenly he/she/they must be Gay.

    Admittedly it may be a bit soon but, lets face it, it is going to get a lot of publicity and, as they say, "There is no such thing as bad publicity"

    Isn't it sad !!!

    What, if anything, do the sexual proclivities of people have to do with getting money from government for artistic endeavours
    I suppose all of the developers of the V8 Super Car race in Townsville are red blooded he men ( Hawk SPIT) even though the State Govt is coughing up millions.

    G'Day Geoff, nice to see you back and still in a minority of two.
    You and Dumpling will be in a very empty cinema, come the day

  8. ooh my u r sensitive..

    do u know wat jest is?


    wen did u have the bypass?

    my brother is gay 4 heavens sake..hes just read your reply

    touchy touchy..his words..not mine

    cheers allen

    the admiral..

    i say the above with respect allen

    p.s..i just LOVE!!!! empty cinemas....

    p.p.s..i know this tag is a contradiction but i guess so is life?

    taschunka witco has fascinated me for years...

  9. No not sensitive
    I just don't like generalities.Like all artistic people must be gay
    Or for that matter assumtions (apparently) based on the closeness of eyes

  10. hey thats cool allen

    i certainly dont live in a glass house

    just a change of the subject

    r their any lost in space fans out there?

    ive just cum back spending a few weeks with some crazy out there people who just loved the series..their also just as heavily as me into military history and r soo passionate about the earth..

    1 is a budding amateur self proclaimed scientist..his theory may? b of interest 2 u..he strongly believes water vapor and or steam is the major culprit..

    he believes the oceans constantly cool and warm between 1.2 and 1.9 degrees every half century or so and have done for millenia

    well b4 man first set foot on this paradise..

    he believes that the last ice age and many b4 have melted due 2 this..vapor..in other words..a normal earthy occurance? as their were no humans as we know 2 contribute harmful gasses into the air?

    interesting theory dont u think?

    though mind u..this is a guy whos also passionate about science fiction..namely

    lost in space


  11. and dont u just love anna bligh's sculptured eye brows?

    she looks very sexy

    i know i know

    my taste is in my butt


  12. Don't worry CH
    Anna, sculptured eyebrows and all can see a light at the end of the tunnel.
    Ah yes, but is it another term or a train coming toward her.
    Well if it's the Tilt Train she has no need to worry as it will most probably be doing 120 in a 60 zone and will fall off the track.
    A bit like Labor at present
    Although McArdle didn't do the LNP any favours with his each way betting on privatisation.
    How is it that Governments of all persuasions think it is a good thing to sell off the farm? especially when it is the taxpayer who bought it in the first place

  13. yeah i cant work him out

    i reckon she'll call a poll next june..perhaps earlier..

    u know i really like her

    but she's surrounded by the same ol same ol

    if she would just push 4 some fresh new blood perhaps she'll hang on?

    borg and m├žardle just dont seem 2 want 2 win???


  14. Hey CH,
    Regarding your comment about Ice Ages and Ocean Warming.
    While I am not about to pooh pooh the theories currently in vogue regarding Climate Change and I believe that the amount of carbon being put into the atmosphere must be reduced dramatically, sooner rather than later.
    However, I have some reservations regarding what the end result will be.
    Back in 2001 I did an Alaskan Cruise. One of the many places we saw was Galcier Bay, where the head oh the glacier is about 104 km from the start of the Bay
    The interesting part about all this is that when first mapped by Captain George Vancouve in 1750 the bay was a "Barely indented Glacier, 4000 feet thick and about 20 miles wide"
    Now the intersting part. When seen in 1879 the glacier was found to have "retreated 48 miles (92 km) up the bay"
    Now a 48 mile retreat of a glacier between 1750 and 1879 cannot be placed at the feet of mankind and their output and the general concensus appears to be that 1750 was the maximum extent of the "Little Ice Age" that had begun about 4000 years before.
    That being the case are we now in a "genaral" warming period of the Earths cycle and, if so, will we (earth) eventually return to another Ice Age
    Makes you ponder

  15. yes allen

    very interesting

    i believe the earth/climate runs in cycles

    regardless of what humanity does

    why wont the greens accept this?

    or even consider it

    damn agenda's


  16. I'm not sure how I got associated with the field marshall bloke...

    Is it because I don't like Keira Knightly? Girl Clumsy and Wah don't either!