Oct 7, 2008

Pencil me in for some fun

I have, for various nefarious purposes (mostly impro-related), come into possession of quite a treasure.

Now what could one possibly do with 57 brand-new "Spencils"?

They're a highly sought-after prize on 612 ABC breakfast, hosted by Spencer Howson, whose name provides the extra "s" in "spencil", and whose blog is full of quirky thoughts and wacky photos (not to mention a strange obsession with reverse-stripe ties). I could conceivably run some sort of eBay racket. Get your genuine Spencil! Only $60 plus postage and handling!

But there are so many other things one could try:
  • Build a small Spencil hut.
  • Use them to train chihuahuas to fetch.
  • Sharpen them, blu-tac the eraser ends onto my tiles, and create a deadly, pointy HB trap inside the door to impale the Wah when he next unsuspectingly arrives home (Random ambush maiming is just one of those little things we like to do to keep the relationship fresh, you know?)
  • Attempt to get into the Guinness Book of Records by shoving them all in my mouth and taking a photo.
  • Spencil ninja.
Any other ideas for my Spencil stash?

Special thanks to Rose Tyler!


  1. well

    u can send them 2 a number of people
    these 1's can use the eraser

    judy spence..2 erase her blank expression.
    anna bligh..her hard hat
    kevin rudd..his halo

    and these for forehead imprints

    belinda neal..head kicker and dont u know who i am
    morris jemma..nobody loves me
    bob brown..zealot
    kevin rudd..world savior
    anna bligh..the final curtain
    wayne swan..both joe and i had different brown paper bags
    julia gillard..eloquant speaker
    malcolm turnbull..wealth isnt a dirty word
    barak obama..i have someone else's dream
    sarah palin..crack of dawn
    anthony mundane..gee im glad we wernt colonised by the spanish


    how many pencils do u have?

  2. oh yes

    and ofcourse

    garneut..doom booster

    al gore..convenient crap

    peter garett..mudguard

  3. john faulkner..superman

    geoff stallmann..animals r meant 2 become exctinct..millions have already..well b4 man ever 1st walked upon the earth


  4. I don't have any ideas, but I have 1 more spencil if you need it!

  5. I would become the Spencil Fairy.

    Flitting about the city of Brisbane carefully placing a Spencil under the pillow of good ABC radio listeners as they dream of Mr Howson.

  6. You could vaporise them from existence and then erase the term "spencil" from memory.

  7. Ohh... that kinda sounded harsh against Spencer. Wasn't meant to. Sorry Mr Howson.

    But why 'spencil'? Why not Howcil? Or Penson?

  8. Jamin! How could you NOT mean that to sound harsh?!?!!? ;)

  9. Now now children
    Lets be nice !!!
    Althought the thought of The Wah "flitting" the city is a touch mind boggling.
    Hell!, it is a lot mind boggling
    Will he wear a tulle tutu the same colour as the Spencils ?
    Will he have a little Spencil wand with a little star on top ?
    Will he trip on the lovely level BCC pavements and insert a Spencil into ..........
    Where are all these Spencils coming from ? Does Mr Howson have a breeding site somewhere under the ABC site???
    "Come my leetle HB's
    Follow my leetle 2B's
    "Today Toowong !!!
    "Tomorrow ZE WORLD"
    "Niyah, Niyah HaHaHa.....
    Ahem, I think I will stick to BIDC from now on

  10. Hey! I've got a really wild idea! You could... WRITE with them! Or maybe... DRAW!

    I think The Wah has the legs for the tulle tutu that Anonymous mentioned down there. Not sure about the flitting.

    You know, seriously, if you want to get rid of them, try a refugee group. The kiddies would be happy to use them for school and scribbling.

  11. Where did you get those?!!! Is someone making replicas? I feel like I'm in "City of Death" with all those Mona Lisas!

    By the way, they're way too valuable in a way too valuable kinda way to sharpen and use (also, because they're made in China and come pre-broken).

    Oh yeah, and since they're made in China, never lick your spencil. They have lead inside and out!

    But for a real thrill, get yourself an honorary spencil with tassle. Only five in existence so far!! (If ever you do get your hands on one, the following warning applies: never tug your tassle!!!)

  12. Geez, Spencer way to turn the mood blue!

    Licking spencils and tugging tassles... what's going on?!?!?!


  13. Well..I may have to listen to Spencer's program tomorrow for a change...I was unaware that it contains "Sexual References"!;)

  14. *Using his best sexy SBS announcer voice*

    The ABC would like to advise this Spencer Howson has been rated *M*. He may contain ... adult themes ...

  15. SBS dulcet (serious) tones:
    "Not only adult themes but strange, organic, ......items"

    So tell me Spencer. Given that the Spencil is used to write (All the Gods forfend )can one then strip off the paint from the outside and write with that as well??

    Hey Dumpling are we talking of the same Wah ???
    Legs to suit a tulle tutu...
    Lock Forward for the Reds more like.

  16. Oh silly me !!!

    There is but one Wah