Mar 29, 2009

"Felafel" Opening Night

It was a long week of bumping in, tech & dress rehearsals and a preview, but finally Friday and Opening Night arrived.

Thankfully, it was all good - the audience was large, excited and generous with their laughter and applause, and the cast threw everything at it, giving absolutely sterling performances.

Author John Birmingham and playwright Simon Bedak both came; they'd been enjoying a relatively "relaxed" afternoon of liquid refreshment, and so were in fine form. It was such a joy to hear their front row whoops and cheers from my position up high in the gallery. John has very kindly given us a write-up on his Cheeseburger Gothic blog - and it's terrific. I couldn't be happier.

Beeso, yours truly & Birmo. Thanks to Beeso for the photo!

Fellow Burgers including NatV and Patricia also came along, and it was lovely to see them. My Mum, bless her, personally dropped off some flowers before the show for good luck. She didn't stay (she's been ill and will come later on), but I was overwhelmed by such a sweet gesture. What lovely parents I have.

Two other guests I'd like to especially like to thank for coming - Treasurer Andrew Fraser and his wife Therese O'Reilly. Andrew is the Arts Theatre's local state MP, and very kindly took up my offer of opening night tickets. Turns out he used to live in Princess Street, just near the theatre, during his student days. I was chuffed that both he and Therese (who was so lovely) enjoyed the show.

Simon Bedak, me (that's squinting at flash, not drunkeness), Therese & Andrew.

Saturday night was a typical second-night audience - a good crowd, but just that little bit more subdued in their response. But I finally got to take Simon onstage to show him some of our on-set in-jokes:

Simon gets up close to our "Spring" Borg,
and shows off his Limited Edition
Felafel stubby cooler.

I should point out we have fantastic Felafel merchandise for sale - it's all cheap too, ranging from $2 for a badge, to $20 for limited edition T-Shirts. All money raised goes back into the Brisbane Arts Theatre. So come along, enjoy a good gut laugh, and grab yourself a little bit of Felafel to take home!


  1. Was well worth my time, GC. I can assure I will be back, and I'm canvassing the masses to join me - both on and off air.

  2. I attended opening night and enjoyed it throughly.

    I've been telling all the people I've met since then to go along and attend.

    Miss Clumsy, the Cast, and Crew have all done an amazing job with the production.


  3. Great fucking night.

    Here's a challenge. Find a picture of me where I'm not holding a drink!

  4. Loved it, loved it, loved it, etc etc etc...
    Well done!

  5. NatV's blog! Her pic shows Birmo in the front row, sans beer!

    However, I have yet to see one taken in the courtyard with a Crown-less Birmo. I'll keep working on it.

  6. Congrats!

    Quick question - can you order the merch on line so that we Seppos can get our grubby paws on it?


  7. GC, well done! It looks like you've had successful start and the hard work really paid off!

    And you are absolultely adorable! :D

  8. Hey, GC -- how'd you go about organizing a badge for a Tasmanian?

  9. GC bring it south...
    This is your chance, your shot, you can be a contender.

  10. Hey guys!

    Wow - I'm excited people are excited about the merch!

    I'll post up some photos of the merch soon - then I should be able to take some orders. You'll just have to pay for postage too, I'm afraid.

    And thanks for all your well-wishes!

  11. Blooks pretty besotted in that photo...

  12. Sorry I seem to be having Havock's keyboard problems - that should have read:

    Bedak looks pretty besotted in that photo...

  13. GC...can't wait to see it in April..:) Glad the opening night went well!

  14. I see JB is taking care at all times to hold onto that beer with two hands!

    Well done GC - doncha love it when a big plan comes together?

    Wish I could have made it.

    love and congrats

  15. Looks awesome GC! I'll be there next month, save me a tshirt ok ?

  16. Thanks again guys!

    Hughesy, I hope if you're near town again in the next month or so, that you can pop in and see it. I'm sure it would do you proud!

    Drej - What size are you?!?!? The shirts are moving quite quickly...

  17. Congrats GC
    Well done to you, the Cast and Crew
    Thank God I wasn't there seeing that my boss was
    Again Well Done

  18. XL or L as second option. Booking flights today, gotta say, starting to feel like Big Kev !!

  19. hey gc got onto the abc and left a comment on the "wouldn't take the wife" reviewer