Jun 8, 2009

Improvisers Prefer Blondes

Reason I shouldn't go blonde: it's very expensive.

Reason I should go blonde (and get around in 1920s gear):


It is quite early on the Queen's Birthday Monday, but our very wonderful and talented musician Kris Anderson posted this photograph - from Sunday night's Impro Mafia performance of Agatha Holmes, our Agatha Christie/Sherlock Holmes improvised murder mystery parody - and my vanity took over. I adore this photograph; moreover, I adored the show.

I played Lady Augusta Wellesley, the owner of Cadsworth Manor, where the brutal murder took place. We held an audience ballot before the show to decide which of our characters would be the murderer and the victim, and what would be the murder weapon (in this case - a bowl of trifle). The first half depicted the events leading up to the murder (as "narrated" to the great detective Agatha Holmes by his assistant Wastings); the second half was Agatha Holmes' arrival, interrogation of suspects and the classic "denouement".

It was such a fun show; made all the more enjoyably by wonderful costumes provided by the Arts Theatre's spectularly well-equipped and pleasantly-staffed costume department. It was some damn fine impro too - a credit to Dave, who directed the show, and to my fellow performers, who just shone. The best thing about impro is getting to hang out and be creative with some of my closest and coolest friends - having audiences enjoy and even relish what we do is the absolute icing on the cake.


  1. Was a tremendously fun show to do - I love that I get to take part in the show, *and* sit in the audience and enjoy it as an audience member!

    More pictures here. (Even for the facebook-less. I'm talking to you Wah.)

  2. Hawt. Very hawt. You have every right to vanity my dear.

  3. Was such a wonderful show to be in the audience for. Everyone had such great characters, and the plot moved along swimmingly!

    The chaps and chapettes at impromafia continue to provide some of the best improvised long shows I've ever seen. Can't wait for the next one.

    Wonderful work gc et al.

  4. This was by far the best show of Impro Mafia's I've seen, (and by now I think I've seen quite a few). I think I hurt myself from all the laughing.