Oct 8, 2009

In Defence of Daryl

Because what's a little bit of blackface between friends?

(You may want to read up on the Hey Hey It's Saturday blackface debacle. A working knowledge of internet memes may also help....)


  1. i saw where it was going before it started, and it was funny. but why the american accent..?

  2. Very clever!

    The best bit about that is that someone somewhere is totally going to be offended by it.

    Oh and you missed a bit under your nose.

  3. I'd like to think you didn't unintentionally miss that bit under your nose. Richard Herring is trying to bring back the Comedy (nee-Hitler) Moustache, so I like to think you're combining the powers of substituted blackface AND the comedy moustache...it’s a double barrelled onslaught of fried comedy gold.

  4. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG that is hilarious!!!!!

  5. Don't worry about FKNHVK. He's just SOOO not in the YT loop. *rollies*

  6. This was like every single comment on news.com.au today.

  7. I am deeply offended by this video. Your use of whiteface is a slap in the face to clowns everywhere.

    -Disco Stu

  8. I would have to agree with Disco Stu but there is a problem. The "whiteface" is more greenish face

    Is it possible that somewhere in the universe there is a light ship sizzling toward earth with the APO (alien protest organisation) wittering away about how put upon they are and warming up there light sabers

    Just a thought
    The Ancient Man

  9. Maybe in future all contestants on Red Faces should be held down and forcibly coated in Red Face paint so that the world knows they are trying to make dicks of themselves.

    Just in case it's not obvious.


  10. You forgot to add one crucial thing in that sketch...you forgot to thank Jesus Christ...oh you forgot to add that Beyonce has the best video of all time! ;)

  11. your a naughty girl but I like it