Feb 23, 2011

Vote for Tassie Babes

I mentioned recently that The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco, my passion project of 2010, failed to attract any love from Queensland's Matilda Awards..

The Matildas work on a system of nomination by judges. There's a certain number of judges, and a certain proportion of them have to see and like your show in order for it to get nominated. As I understand it, not enough judges came along to see Tassie Babes, so we couldn't get nominated even if those judges who did come liked it (and I really don't have any idea if they did).

But never fear! Shaun King, who played JB in Tassie Babes, has alerted me to the Briztix Audience Choice Awards. It seems all you need to score a nomination here is the love of audience members with an internet connection.

This is where YOU come in!

If you saw our show* about a sharehouse in crisis - complete with glow-in-the-dark tantric genitals; socks-on-cocks; kangaroo roadkill; militant lesbians; cosplaying in City Hall; foul-mouthed South American revolutionaries; dancing teddy bears; frottaging sailors; hippykill bulldozers and best-ever exploding butt pump - then you'll remember the artistic triumph it was.

Actually, I joke about the naughtier elements of the show, but in reality, I'm proud of it for so many more reasons. It had a fresh style, a lot of heart and a damn good cast. And that's the reason I want your help - I would LOVE to get my amazingly talented and frightenly attractive actors some glitzy recognition for their efforts.

All you have to do is fill out this form by this Sunday 27 February - we're in the top section, entitled "Play".

Here's a list of names to help jog your memory, and assist your typing fingers!


Shaun King (JB)
Amy Currie (Stacey)
Daren King (Jordan, Ensign Le Marquand)
Jamie McKinnell (Taylor, Fingers)
Tom Yaxley (Elroy, Roger)
Michael Fitzhywel (Decoy, Dreamf***er)
Jenna Saini (Missy, Sativa)
Declan Ziemek (T-Bird)
Kath Kunde (Debbie, Bree)
Damien Campagnolo (Fat Cop, Tony)
Drew Jarvis (Phil)
Lauren Ware (Phraedom, Tassie Babe)
Elizabeth Best (Jhelise, Miss Waipukurau)


Director - Natalie Bochenski
Costume - Robyn Edwards
Set Design - Richard Hunt
Lighting Design - Tom Dodds

Sadly, they don't have a category for Best Playwright - but I'm sure Simon Bedak would be chuffed with any nominations for the play, as would author John Birmingham.

Thank you so much for your support - if we get through the initial nominations round, I will be back campaigning for your support again for the actual award!

*Hell, even if you didn't but heard good things. Or read about it here on the website. Or... actually, f*** it, just vote, early and often, OK?


  1. But who was the sound designer? I put "Unknown" on the nomination form.

  2. Hey Morgana - it was actually me!

    The sound designer I had arranged dropped out early on, so I decided to do it myself, using my basic editing skills etc.

    In hindsight, it was one of the (many) mistakes I made during the directing process - once again taking too much on. I'm sure the cast would back me up on that.

    But still, it came out reasonably well in the end. But certainly not as nomination-worthy as the other categories for actors, etc.

  3. Jb says it's better than felafel...

  4. I think its a better story than felafel....I would love to see them both again soon !!!!